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What is the difference between the iPad and the website application?


The iPad Application


You can install the CoReceptionist application from the Apple Store for your iPad. The iPad Application is used by the visitors’  to ‘Check-In’, ‘Check-out’ and also to notify when there is a delivery. You can configure the printers with the CoReceptionist app on iPad, to print badges. 

iPad & Website Application- iPad SS

View more help on Printers and Badge Printing features under the Printers section on the web application.


The Web Application


The web application allows you to customize the appearance of the application on the iPad. You can manage Home screen, buttons, and colors/appearance, add/delete fields, update agreements, define badge layouts and do much more using the web application.

Web Application

You can also view the visitor’s log, add/import, manage employee information/contacts, update billing information, and manage additional users to grant access.

Isn’t the set up easy? So install iPad & Website Application for CoReceptionist today!

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