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Can the account manager/employee set backup contact in case the host is not on the office premises?
An employee cannot be present at his desk all the time. They can be away for a number of reasons. What if at that moment they have a visitor?
In this scenario when visitor visits, but the host or employee is unavailable or momentarily away they can set up Employee Messaging Rules. As a result, another employee can meet the visitor.
This saves the valuable time of the visitors.
Employee Messaging rules
The above image shows the window to set Employee Messaging Rules.
Follow these steps-
1. Go to Employee Directory
2. Select Contact (Employee you want to add the messaging rules for)
3. Edit
Under Messaging rules >
  • Notification Type- SMS/ Email/Slack
  • Who- Select Other Contact”
  • via/Please Select Contact- Name of your colleague/employee

4. Save & Close

Once you add a new contact (same applies to existing contact) the pop-up window will have the Messaging rules section. Here you can firstly, choose the immediate employee to receive notification in your absence. Secondly, the notification channels, it can be via e-mail, Slack and text messaging.
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