Adding Agreements and Induction Videos

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How to add a document and induction videos for visitors to sign & view?
(NDA, safety videos, contracts, terms, waiver, or other legal forms)
For more organized check-ins, there is a provision where visitors can digitally sign the legal documents. In addition, they can even watch videos that ensure their safety and informs them about the hazards at your organization. For instance- companies manufacturing heavy machinery or producing chemicals. Here is the process for adding agreements and induction videos.
Stage One


Configuration> (Scroll & locate) Additional Configuration> Visitor Agreements & Induction> Manage (drop-down menu)> Agreement Text OR Agreement Video
Adding Visitor Agreements and Induction Videos
Stage 2

Now that you have added agreements and videos, it is important to make them visible on your home screen.

Configuration> (next to) Visitor Types> Check-in> Edit> (Scroll & locate) NDA> Enable NDA Configuration> YES/NO

Here also you will find NDA Segment, to give you quick access so that you don’t have to go all the way back and upload an agreement or a video.
Adding Visitor Agreements and Induction Videos

With each type of agreement you have a selection of Button types you want to display to visitors:

  • Yes or No
  • Agree or Disagree
  • Signature

The third condition, i.e, “Signature” will collect a signature of visitors on your legal agreement. The other two conditions present different workability.  If NO or DISAGREE is selected, it will cancel the check-in process. So all legal agreements require ‘agreement’ or ‘yes’ to continue with check-in.

After you save the agreement, you can still edit or add a button. You can even set up multiple agreements for each condition.

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