Slack Integration with CoReceptionist

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Note: You’ll need to be an admin on your Slack account to complete Slack integration. Either become an admin or ask your admin for help before completing these steps:

1. Go to Dashboard> Integrations

2. Click on “Configuration” for Slack

CoReceptionist Slack Integration

3. Review the information, and click “Enable slack configuration”


4. To receive notifications from the CoReceptionist bot, an employee must be in the listing with the same email address. Both in your CoReceptionist employee directory and on your Slack team.

5. We recommend testing new features before engaging your whole team. On the CoReceptionist iPad, sign yourself in as a test visitor. Select yourself as the host, and check out the notification you get from the CoReceptionist bot.

When you Enable Sync, CoReceptionist will check once an hour for Slack usernames that are associated with the email addresses of your employee contacts. If the username is found, it will automatically create a Slack message preference for the contact.

Now, check your contacts to ensure their Slack username is in sync and that a slack messaging preference is added to ensure notifications include Slack.

Notifications for new visitors will now come through the SlackBot channel and, just like email and text messages, will allow your contacts and visitors to proceed with two-way communications.

To receive every visitor arrival notification on public channels, enable the “Send notification on Channel” option. Further, the admin can choose more than 1 public channels. The selected channel’s group members will receive notifications of every visitor’s arrival.

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