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Can I assign individuals or groups of my contacts/ employees to receive different types of visitors? Or How to assign contacts to visitor types?


The host is an employee or contact that has the authorization to receive visitors. Assigning Host to Visitor types makes it easier for visitors to select from the list of employes who will cater to their needs.
In this article, we learn how to assign a set of hosts or employees based on their job roles to meet the visitors.
For instance, If a person is at your office for an interview. He/she will check-in using the Interview in Visitor Type in the welcome screen.
Here is an image to show you the customization, after you Setup Visitor type– Interview.
Assigning Host to Visitor types
Once you enable Employee Selection, you can choose the employee who will conduct the interviews with Interviewees. In the configuration, you can select the HR of your organization for this particular visitor type.
From the box on the left move the selected host to the on right. The name of the host in the box on the right will appear to the interviewee when they select the host.
Assigning Host to Visitor types
When you assign contacts to visitor types, simplifies the check-in process becomes simple and you can customize the list of contacts for each visitor type
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