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How do I select what visitor type is right for my company and set them up?
As discussed in Visitor types, there are three basic categories. Check-in, Delivery & Employee. Visitor Type setup is the configuration, to customize the check-in for each visitor type.
The below image  represents the configuration of Visitor types setup- Delivery
Visitor Types Setup
You can customize-
  1. Visitor Type Name
  2. Visitor Type Lable
  3. Icon
  4. Enable employees selection
  5. Delivery Company
  6. Delivery Conditions ( Requires signature, Left delivery at the counter, Will redeliver)
  7. Thank you Screen Title & Message
Similarly, if you have a visitor type such as Contractor, you can customize, the way screen greets them, any NDA’s that need to be digitally signed. and much more.
Another example of a visitor type setup is Interviewee. Customize the NDA or agreement that is to be signed. You can also add a form asking them general questions along with the position that they are here to apply for. You can separate employee by their role, for the interviewee to select from the list of HR.
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