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What types of visitor check-in can I create?
As a company, you will have different Visitor Types. They can be clients for business, contractors, maintenance personnel, etc. CoRececptionist has 3 basic types-
Visitor Types
1. Check-in (Regular Visitors)
The Check-in can further have as many visitor types as you want.
For instance- Contactors, Maintenance Personnel, Family and Friends of employees, etc
Each visitor type will have Visitor Types Setup configurations. (Link)
2. Delivery
Packages and Parcel Delivery. You can add the list of delivery companies.
So once the delivery guy is at your office location-
  1. Firstly, he can select the company for they are delivering a package.
  2. Secondly, select the recipient of the package from the list of employees.
  3. Next, there are Conditions like
  • Requires signature
  • Left delivery at the counter
  • Will redeliver

Delivery personnel can choose any of the above options and the recipient will be notified accordingly.

3. Employee
This is for your organization. This allows your employees to clock themselves in and out.
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