Steps to Create a Comprehensive Workplace Reopening Plan

Steps to Create a Comprehensive Workplace Reopening Plan


2020 has been very challenging for all of us, and we’ve been working hard to prioritize our efforts and energy in the right direction. As the opening process started, many companies began calling their employees back to their offices. Employers have to create a workplace reopening plan carefully. It demands comprehensive planning and collaboration between everyone.

However, the main question arises how we are going to do it? It’s not easy to address all the significant issues for this kind of situation. Businesses never had to go through it, so no one is 100% sure about their employees’ all-significant requirements. 

In creating a workplace reopening plan, we need to make a detailed and well-documented plan for the safety of companies’ employees. Mismanagement can create a dangerous environment for the whole company. If you are an employer looking for a better workplace reopening plan, this blog will help you decide your next steps.

Six Steps for Workplace Reopening Plan


1. Well documented Guidelines


It should be your priority to provide a safe environment for your workers. You have to make the arrangements for all the necessary sanitization process. Also, mention the distance which one needs to maintain during their work. 

If someone has a fever, what should be your next steps, you need to mention all these details in your guidelines. When you are preparing the guidelines, make sure to take suggestions from your co-workers, this will help broaden your horizons. 

One more important thing to remember is to read all the opening process guidelines issued by the state government and central government. In this challenging time, you surely don’t want to get into any kind of trouble. We are citing a few points which can guide you to prepare your guidelines-

  • Adjusting Shifts & Working Hours
  • Arrangements of Sitting area
  • Sanitization and Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”)
  • Regular Health checkup
  • Building Management

Creating all these guidelines will help you and your business to function even in these challenging times.

You can include a questionnaire in the visitor management system to keep track of temperature checks of both employees and visitors. Making the “NEW” normal one step a ta time.

2. Food and Beverage service


This is one particular thing every employee appreciates about their workplace, and given the times now, it is what may make the situation more vulnerable from the point of view of safety. Once you inform your employee about the opening process, they’re going to ask you about the food and beverage services.

Mention all the details regarding what you are going to serve.  If you are confused then you can opt for the packed food and beverages.

3. Create a Workplace Reopening Plan-ning Committee 


For the process to function smoothly, employers need a group of people who can totally focus on this area. A reopening committee will look after everything related to this. This group can assist in planning and managing the reopening process. 

The reopening committee can prepare a questioner, survey, guidelines, trials and reports regarding the best possible options.It’s also important to understand the office administrative requirement and come up with the best possible way.

4. Gather Feedback


Before drafting your plan, you should gather feedback from your employees. It will help you to take your employees on board for the opening process. You can prepare a survey and ask everyone to fill it; then according to their input, you can make addition and changes to your plan or policies. 

Also, consult with some legal advisors to make sure you are fulfilling all the necessary legalities for the company’s better functioning in the times of COVID-19. Collecting data from your industry association could also be a good option for you; this will give you an idea of how other companies are ensuring the best safety practices. Once you have completed all the steps mentioned above, focus on feedback to ensure better coordination between everyone. 

5. Building Consideration


If you have a workspace or building, which you share with other companies, you can consult your landlord about the safety guidelines. 

Remove all the tables, sofas, and chairs from those places where they are not needed; this will help you restrict any kind of different gathering. If your company generally uses a biometric system, then amend the necessary changes to avoid any physical activities. Go for contactless entry with the help of the visitation system.

Also, you can add signs in various places to indicate the places where one can stand. Mention about the elevators on how many people can use the lift at one time? Furthermore, who should be allowed in the office? Whether visitors are permitted or not? How many people can come at a time? Try to answer these questions, and you’ll find most of your answers. 

6. Sanitization Process


One of the most crucial parts of the whole opening process is to take care of sanitization. Ensure everybody wears a mask, provide sanitizers to all the employees and also install sanitizer stations at reception and at different intervals in the office. 

Sanitize the entire workplace before opening and closing. Limit entries to those areas which are not in use. 


All the steps ensure that you have a great workplace reopening plan. This promises safe and efficient working in the office. 

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