Contacts (Employees) Check-In & Check-Out

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Can I use the CoReceptionist for contacts (employees) check-in & check-out? 

Apart from visitor check-in, you can clock your contact/ employee log-in and log-out time. As a result, the employees can log their arrival and departure. Further, it will keep track of their working hours.
Stage 1
Go to Integrations> Employees Check-in and Check-out> Configuration> Yes> Save
Contacts (Employees) Check-In & Check-Out
Stage 2
Under Settings> Configuration. Following are the steps-
  1. Add New Visitor Type> Employee
  2. Visitor Type Name
  3. Visitor Type Label
  4. Select Icon
  5. Enable Employee Selection
  6. Customize Employee Check-in screen
Another important to note is that for an Employee setting, you need to list employees as contacts in the app. Keep the number of contacts in check, it should cover your selected subscription plan.
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