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How do I add contacts?


In this article, we guide you through the process of ‘Contacts Import’.
To begin with, Contacts are employees (hosts), that will receive the visitors in your company.
There are two ways to add contacts.
1. Adding them Individually


Contacts Import

Manage Locations> Employee Directory>Manage> Add Employee> Fill the details>Save
First Name-
Last Name-
Business Title-
Mobile Number-
Status- Select Active (Other options are Hidden & Unavailable)
Visitor Types- (Tick the box with Employee)
Message for Guest- (Personalized according to the employee)
Contacts Import
The employee/ contact is created.
2. Import CSV


Manage Locations> Employee Directory>Manage> Add Employee> Import CSV> Choose File>Import>Save


Contacts Import

CSV Sample for Contacts Import

Contacts Import- CSV Sample


You can also ‘Download Sample’ for the CSV file. Once you click on Import CSV, the option is at the right of the pop-up window.
Moreover, CoReceptionist offers a hassle-free operation. For instance, you want to add employees to a different location.
Go to the top right corner of the screen change the location, click Manage Locations> Employee Directory>Manage> Add Employee>. That’s that! 
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